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One of the Worlds Biggest Problems: Plastic

March 20, 2019

Picture this: You’re walking to Starbucks with your friends and all order drinks. Your name is called and you pick up your drink, a vanilla frappuccino. You grab a plastic straw and go to sit down. When you and your friends are finished with your drinks, you throw them away and walk out. Now you may be thinking how can there be anything wrong with this but think again. The cup and straws are all plastic. One of the worlds greatest problems and you’re contributing to it. With 12.7 million tons of plastic floating around in the ocean, that plastic straw may end up in a poor sea turtles stomach in 20 years. So how can you stop this from happening? By bringing your own reusable cup and straw or use glass or metal containers instead of plastic bags when you pack your lunch.

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