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January 14, 2019


A great teacher, he makes his students laugh and have a great time in his class. Mr. Jones, a 8th grade history teacher is liked by many of his students. He has been teaching for 14 years and said that he choose to teach history because it was the only subject liked when he was in school. His favorite part about teaching is that it is always different. We asked Carmela Isom and Lucy Albrecht (students in his class) to see what they like most about Mr. Jones. The girls say that there favorite topic that he taught was, “learning about bills because it’s cool to know how the government works,” Carmela answered. Whereas Lucy said,”I liked learning about the 13 colonies and their path for freedom”. When he makes his students laugh, his students remember it. For example, Carmela said that her class loves it when he reads his riddles and Lucy said he made her laugh when,”I asked him a question and he said with a sarcastic sigh, yeah but only one”. Their favorite part about Mr. Jones is that he’s good at explaining things and doesn’t talk to much or give a lot of homework.

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