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Winter Writing Celebration

With Mrs. VanAmson

March 20, 2019

On Tuesday, Dcember 18, Mrs. VanAmson hosted a Winter Writing Celebration. This celebration was a showcase for 6th graders and their stories. There were 10 featured authors;

  1. Celeigh Werblow
  2. Ziggy Smith
  3. Pauline Goethals
  4. Silas Brown
  5. Isabella Gomez
  6. Aleksei Sokolov
  7. Robert Nowinksi
  8. Lily Brooks
  9. Kate Weaver
  10. Mykenzie Holyoak

This celebration was open to all in Mrs. VanAmson’s core, were students signed up to share their personal narratives. It took place in the gym, right after the 6th grade lunch. All the authors shared their stories with support from peers and classmates. “Everything that I have been learning about writing is that it is important to let students know that their writing is important and this is a good way to get it out of the classroom. The students volunteered to share their stories. Their working on personal narratives. This is the first year we’ve done this, parents of students who signed up were invited to come, too.” Says Mrs. VanAmson, kids went up to the pedestal and shared their narratives, with applause and cheering from the crowd. Mothers and fathers of some of the kids who shared came, as well as the district attorney, Mrs. Tuttle and Mr. Scott! Mrs. VanAmson had a successful first Winter Writing Celebration! 

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