3 on 3 Basketball


December 18, 2018


Mr. Scott started the 3 on 3 basketball. But what is it? It was just a time where people came to play basketball during directed studies. “You sign up with your friends and play during directed studies,” replied Jacob Edwards. It started with girls wanting to play so Mr. Scott opened the gym to have an all-girls basketball day. Then to even it out he did in all boys. The girls started to talk about a tournament, and then it just went off from there. Many people came to play and lots of people played with their friends.”I played with N`nosi, Jaylen, and Bubbi”, said Jacob Edwards. “I played Jacob French, Dante Perona, and Jake Mattson”, answered Andrew Williams. Jacob also said his favorite part was, “Playing with my friends” while Andrew told us, “My favorite part about basketball is scoring” Mr. Scott said that he watched them play every day. He liked seeing people coming to watch and cheer and seeing the players reactions when the buzzer sounded when they scored a point. We asked him if he was rooting for any team in particular and if he remembers who won but he said, “I wasn’t rooting for anyone I just wanted to see people having fun.” As a fun fact, Mr.Scott said that his favorite player is Klay Thompson because he works hard, doesn’t complain, and looks like a good teammate.

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