Earthquake Update Pt. 2

December 14, 2018


Welcome back to another earthquake update! There have been a lot of earthquakes over the past couple months so lets get into it! Here are a list of some of the smaller earthquakes that have happened in California pretty recently. If you didn’t know, California is known for earthquakes. In the central valley, there are numerous faults, such as the San Andreas fault, Pacific North American tectonic plates, which runs east of San Diego. The earthquakes listed here are are not from the central valley, but they were large enough for people in the Bay Area to feel.

  • The first earthquake was 1 mile away from Crockett at 12:15 the magnitude was 2.6 and the depth was 8.5km.
  • Next earthquake was 8 miles from Geyserville California at 1:50 P.M the magnitude was 2.6 and depth was 1.9km.
  • This earthquake was 16 miles from Hollister California at 11:06 P.M Magnitude was 2.8 and depth was 9.1km
  • Last earthquake was 9 miles from Hidden Valley lake California at 5:15 A.M the magnitude was 2.7 and the depth was 1.8km

That’s all the earthquakes for today until next time!

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