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Spelling Bee

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January 11, 2019

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Spelling Bee

During the afternoon on December 7, 2018, over a dozen students gathered in the room of Ms. McDonald for the annual spelling bee.  The students all shared a common goal, the spell the most words correctly.  If the happened to be the winner, they would advance to the county spelling bee.  If they did well there, they would then move on to the state bee.  The state spelling bee is both oral and vocabulary based, to get the contestants ready for the country spelling bee.  At states, only one winner is declared.  That winner will move on to the national spelling bee, along with 49 other contestants from other states.  Finally, if they win at the national spelling bee, they are declared winner!  The 2018 winner was a 14 year old girl named Karthik Nemmani.

The winner of this years school spelling bee is 8th grader Yuna Bi.  Not only did she win this year, she also won last year and advanced all the way to the state championships. “The spelling bee was such a great experience, I felt so accomplished when I found out I won.” said Yuna Bi.

Runners up were also 8th graders; Kayla Kennedy and Ben Flitcroft. “The spelling bee was really fun, and I enjoyed it a lot,”  said Kayla Kennedy, “I’ve done the spelling bee every year, and it’s kind of like a tradition.”

Even if you don’t win, the spelling bee is a fun and challenging activity for all participants. Not only do students get to test their spelling ability, they get to expand their vocabulary and have fun.  We wish Yuna good luck in her future competitions.  Go BMS!

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