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Advanced Math- Pros and Cons

March 20, 2019

Many students are familiar with the advanced math classes at our school.  Offered to only around the top 60 students, it gives eight graders a change to take ninth grade math in eight grade, and to get them on the advanced track for high school.  Many students are hopeful to get into the advanced class, but is it really the best thing for them?  Let’s investigate.

On one hand, it will be argued that it helps students get on the advanced track for high school.  Also, instead of staying in a class that is too easy for them, they will get to push their limits and learn new ideas and concepts.  “I think advanced math is beneficial to the students who take it because it allows you to take more advanced courses in high school.” said Brianna Biniak (8) “It also gives students a chance to experience a high school class, since we have midterms and finals.”

On the other hand, students are missing an entire year of math.  They are missing many concepts and ideas that they will never learn, as they missed the year they were taught.  Unless students previously knew the topics taught in eight grade math, they would have no way of learning them. ”

Even thought advanced math may not be for everyone, it is still a great option for students who want to push and challenge themselves. Even though students are missing some concepts, some of them are retaught the integrated class.  Advanced math also puts students on an advanced track for high school.  What is your opinion about the class?

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