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Mrs. Brown

3 Day Walk Interview

November 30, 2018

On November 29th I interviewed Ms.Brown about the 3 day walk we have at BMS. This is that interview.

Interviewer:Why did you start the 3 day walk?

Ms.Brown:I wanted the students to think about others and not just themselves.

Interviewer:what’s your favorite part of the 3 day walk?

Ms.Brown: Seeing all the kids walking.

Interviewer:what’s the most money you’ve raised ever?

Ms.Brown:$7,000 a few years ago.

Interviewer: are you walking for anyone in particular?

Ms.Brown:No I walk because I enjoy it

Interviewer:How many year has the 3 day walk been going on for?

Ms.Brown:5 years

Interviewer:And finally why is the 3 day walk just 3 days?

Ms.Brown:I do the Susan G. Coman 3 day walk and its 60 miles in 3 days



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