Crockett Earthquake Pt. 2

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November 29, 2018


A 3.5 earthquake strikes near Crockett, the earthquake happened at 11:56 AM on a Saturday Afternoon. This earthquake was followed by a aftershock in the same area 10 minutes after and a second earthquake which was a 2.7. Items fell off shelves and tables but gladly no injures or damage has been reported at this time. “It sounded like a big bang and I’ve been thought earthquake’s before and i dint think it was an earthquake because it dint really roll, just banged and I thought it was an explosion” – Patty Forry of Crockett. “We were sitting having a beverage and we thought a diesel  or something had ran into the building” – Candace Garcia “The motion itself was rather short-lived and so the fault moved briefly and stopped,  so it generated more of a pulse” – Brian Kilgore. The people of Crockett and places near said what set this temblor apart was that there was no rumbling, just one tiny quick jolt. And for everyone else, this is a reminder that an earthquake can happen at anytime, any day of the week, you just need to be prepared no matter what.

*note, these quotes are from people who felt the earthquake, that we don’t know of.”

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