The Principal’s Coffee Mug

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       One more minute until the bell rings, I thought as the lectured the class on adding and subtracting fractions. I don’t see why we had to review what we learned in 4th grade as 7th graders, so I wasn’t listening to the teacher rambling. Instead, I Imagined myself eating the salami that was waiting for me in lunchbox. One more minute, I told my stomach. Finally, the bell rang.

       I put my notebook into my backpack, stood up, and ran to the door. The faster I get out of this classroom, the sooner I’ll get to eat my salami, I  thought. Just as I closed the door behind myself, saw Buddy walking towards me. Buddy is a big and tall, with black hair. In addition to that, he’s my worst enemy. 

Hey Aaron,” Buddy called out to me. I pretended not to notice. It’s not that I was scared of what he had to say, its just that I was too hungry to talk to talk to him.

Aaron, don’t pretend you didn’t see me. I know you did. Are you scared of me?” There was no way I could let Buddy think I was scared of him, he’d make my life miserable.

       “I was just going to eat my lunch. I’m sure eating is more important than what you have to say,” I defended myself.

       “I just wanted to dare you to steal the principal’s coffee mug,” Buddy said with an evil smile.

       “Why? I’m not going to risk getting in trouble so that you can have the principal’s coffee mug,” I replied. If I got caught doing one more bad thing, my mom would not let me play video games until i’m eighteen. This punishment might sound mean, but even I will admit that stealing my grandmother’s $2,000 false teeth and throwing them away was a little to cruel. Just as I turned around to walk away, Buddy called me back.

       “If you don’t do it, or if you fail, then I’ll tell everyone in the school that you were scared of stealing the coffee mug and are a loser! Also, I don’t need the coffee mug. You can keep it if you want.” 

       “Fine, i’ll do it,” I muttered. That’s when I realized what i’d just agreed to. But I guess now I don’t have choice if I do it or not. As I considered the situation, I considered the situation, I walked over and sat down at the table where Bobby, my best friend, was already starting on his lunch.

       “Hi Aaron,” Bobby greeted me. 

       “Hi,” I responded.

       “Why do you look so worried?” he asked me. 

       “Do you know what Buddy dared me to do? He said that I have to steal the principal’s coffee mug, or he’ll tell the whole school that I’m scared of doing it,”

Bobby’s eyes widened. “You have to steal the principal’s coffee mug? How are you going to manage that? You know that everyone that tried that has failed.” The principal’s coffee mug was very famous at our school . Everyone hated the principal, but his mug had “best principal ever” written on it, so everyone wanted to steal if from him. In fact, so many people have tried to steal the coffee mug that the school decided that whoever managed to do it would be given the title of the school’s best prankster, which would be a cool reward, but only if i succeed…

       “It might be hard, but I have to at least try. I don’t want everyone in the school to think I’m a loser,” I replied.

“Wait. I think I know when we can steal the coffee mug. The principal always comes out of his office at 3:00 right before school ends to complete his rounds. I see him pass by my classroom every day.” Bobby said.

       “Seriously? Bobby, you’re a genius! I’ll steal the coffee mug tomorrow,” I explained. Now that I had a plan for how I could sneak into the principal’s office, I felt much better and positive everything would go well.

       I sat with Bobby until lunch was over, and all of my classes after that went by quickly. I got home from school and noticed I started to feel funny. I remembered how bobby was sneezing at lunch. I was hoping I wasn’t getting sick, because that was the last thing I needed. I drank a huge glass of orange juice to try not to get sick, and went to bed early that night.

       That morning, I felt terrible.