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Haunted Halloween

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October 31, 2018

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Haunted Halloween


It’s the spookiest season of them all, Kendall Mcelroy (8) says it is her favorite season. There is a lot of activities you can do in the fall like going to a corn maze, putting up Halloween decorations, picking  apples,watching horror movies, or going to a pumpkin patch. But have you ever wondered why we carve pumpkins and do other fall activities well,america comes alive says ”The tradition of carving faces into vegetables dates to the Celts. As part of their autumnal celebration, they wanted to light the way to their homes for the good spirits, so they carved faces into vegetables such as turnips and squash. A light was placed within the hollowed out vegetable.”

These carved vegetables were eventually called Jack O’Lanterns by the Irish who told a legend about a farmer named Jack who made a bargain with the devil that left him wandering the earth for all time. Byanka Sandoval  (8) says she carved her  pumpkin into a smiley face.

Another activity that you might have wondered about is trick or treating. said “that the practice began with the Celtic tradition of celebrating the end of the year by dressing up as evil spirits. The Celts believed that, as we moved from one year to the next, the dead and the living would overlap, and demons would roam the earth again. So dressing up as demons was a defense mechanism. If you encountered a real demon roaming the Earth, they would think you were one of them” Adrian Sinisi (8) says he is going to dress up as playboy Cardi and he is going trick or treating  Abbigail Mulugeta (6)  is also going trick or treating and says that jolly ranchers are her favorite candy to receive when she is trick or treating. There is a lot more history than you think to this spooky holiday but with all the activities going on stay safe.

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