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October 24, 2018

Earthquake Update

At 5:27 P.M., September 1st, an earthquake struck. 3.3 magnitude, magnitude is the great size or extent of something, so 3 out of 10 would be how big the earthquake is. The earthquake was also at 8 kilometers in depth. The epicenter was in Crockett and that’s why it was called the Crockett  earthquake. It hit Benicia, Vallejo and Crockett concord, Berkeley and a bit of Oakland. What felt like to me was only like 5 seconds. Luckily this earthquake wasn’t bad and there were no injuries. There was also another earthquake 11 miles from Cloverdale at  Cobb California on October 10th at 1:48 P.M.. It was also 3.3 magnitude but the depth was 1.5 km.There were no Injuries. The next earthquake was 4 miles from Aromas California and was at San Juan Batista California at 5:35 A.M. It was a 2.5 magnitude and was 5 km of depth. There were also no injuries. That is all for the earthquake update and stay tuned for more world events and earthquake updates!

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