Mindful Mornings With Angie


October 22, 2018

Mindful Mornings With Angie

Every Monday and Friday morning before school at 7:45 and onward, there is a special club called “Mindful Mornings”. Hosted by friendly campus supervisor, Angie Porter, Mindful Mornings takes place (currently) in Room B-13 and it’s a place to relax and relieve your mind and body before the school day starts. Angie and along with participants in Mindful Mornings take this time to practice strategies and types of meditation. They take this time to reflect and relax hoping to lower stress and so they are prepared to start of the day with a good mindset. Riley Rief (7), who took Mindful Mornings as a sixth grader says “Throughout the school year and my classes, it helped me. My grades became better and I was less stressed.” and is excited to participate this year again in Mindful Mornings. In mindful mornings they do relaxing things like blowing bubbles, bubbles representing their stress, and when the bubbles pop, their stress is gone. They practice breathing exercises, they balance Beanie Babies on their chests and watch as the beanie baby goes up and down as they breathe. They also play games with one another, team bonding related activities to relieve stress. Angie’s goal is to get 20 members to join mindful mornings. “Imagine if everyone participated in Mindful Mornings, the world would be full of better people.” They meditate while using imagination, for example, as if they are relaxing on the beach. Angie has experience with relaxation, she went on a retreat and even visited a Buddhist monk! Angie wants everyone to join Mindful Mornings. Angie even ordered 20 yoga mats to start off Mindful Mornings. She wants to have mindful mornings every day but right now until Mindful Mornings gets started, it is every Monday and Friday. She wants everyone to be aware of their surroundings and to not dwell on the past or future because it doesn’t affect you now. She has a glitter jar that symbolizes the brain. “When you are worried, this is what your brain looks like,” says Angie as she shakes the jar full of blue glitter. “My purpose of mindful mornings is for that glitter to settle and become calm”, says Angie as she stops shaking the jar. Angie wants everyone to become aware, and become “Mindful”, through their brain, taste, smell, touch, etc. Angie wants everyone to explore and to become more aware of things.  Mindful Mornings is a great way to relax and chill out before school. 

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