Hurricane Florence

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October 19, 2018


     Now that the winds and rains of Hurricane Florence have gone, North Carolinian’s are mobilizing a relief and recovery process for the eastern part of the state. The cleanup of hurricane Florence has been a long and hard process at least and 343,000 people are without power in north and south Carolina. West Virginia was able to avoid the brunt of the storm. Around 900 citizens were rescued from flooded homes. Hurricane Florence would mean extreme devastation for poor communities that have been forced to live on the land most prone to flooding. Many of these communities have never received the promised recovery funding after Hurricane Matthew’s floods two years ago. Animal waste form nearby chicken and pig farms flooded in the freshwater rendering it undrinkable. There are many volunteers to aid the recovery of the Carolina’s and funds from the government. If you can you can you can help by donating some money to the volunteers at certain websites.

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