Serena and Venus Tennis Match

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Lillian Theis, Editor

Many of you know the iconic tennis stars, Serena and Venus Williams.  They are some of the most decorated tennis players in history, and there’s a reason for that.  Both have dominated their opponents again and again.  Even though they are sisters, they are still opponents when it comes to tennis, and neither of them want to lose.  


During the third round of the US Open, on August 31st,  the two Williams squared off and fought for the win. A highly anticipated match, the seats were lined with eager spectators awaiting the results.  This was only the 16th time they would play each other a major tournament, so many were very excited to see them.


Both girls played very well, but in the end, Serena took the win, with a score of 6-2 over her big sister.  Both are incredible athletes, but Venus was no match to her sister that Friday.


After her victory over her sister, Serena moved forward in the US Open, eventually losing the final to Naomi Osaka.  Even though they both eventually lost, they are still amazing tennis player and America couldn’t be prouder of them.