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A Librarian to Remember

January 31, 2018

Whether you’ve only been to the library once or you go to the library everyday, you have probably met Mrs. Boyle. She’s the librarian! Before, the library was a big, open space. It was used as a drama stage, and she had to pack up every single book by herself. But now that the drama stage is somewhere else, she would like to add study rooms where you could work in a room of complete silence, or have a space to work in a group without distracting others.

Mrs. Boyle has been working at the BMS library for 17 years! She has read a lot of books and met a lot of teachers and staff workers, but her favorite part of working at the BMS library is the students. She says “I’ve met a lot of cool students and learned a lot of stuff, not just like how to use my cell phone, but new dance moves and what is important to them.”  As she meets a lot of students she notices a lot of problems. She realized that kids have so many activities nowadays, and as the years went by, she noticed kids are getting more stressed . She noticed how the stress levels increased with how much work students were getting. Kids also became less respectful. Cell phones made an impact. Before she was working at the library, she was a RN for Labor and delivery. Ms. Boyle liked that job but she had to stop. “I stopped because I moved and got married (Wisconsin to California), and California did things more like the old ways and I was used to doing it the new way.”When I retire I will look forward to play with my grandchildren and practice jazz piano. When I retire I just want to play and have fun.”


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